How can I add an existing Zoho CRM user to my company’s CRM account?

All Zoho services work on the basis of a single sign-on. This means if you sign up once with, you will be able to access all Zoho apps with one set of username and password.

That being the case, let’s say you signed up for an individual CRM account with your id, If you try to join your company’s Zoho CRM account with this id, you will receive a message that says, “Email address already exists”.

In order for you to be able to use this email id with your company’s Zoho CRM account, the instance of this email address has to be removed from Zoho CRM’s registers.

One way to remove the CRM instance is to replace this email id with another id. Another way is to close this account forever. In either case, you will have trouble accessing other Zoho services. So you need to get this email id out of Zoho CRM only. Follow the steps below to have this done.

  1. Go to and sign up with any other email id that is not already used for registration with Zoho. Let’s call it
  2. Once you have this other account created, send an E-mail to authorizing us to remove the CRM instance of email1 and requesting us to replace it with email2 for CRM. Also, make sure that the new email address is copied in this mail, i.e, paste the new email address in the CC field before you send the mail to us.


On receiving your request, we will replace email1 with email2 in your individual account. That is, you will now be able to access your individual CRM account with the new id, The CRM instance of email1 is removed and now free to be used for registering with your organization’s Zoho CRM account. This way, you can still use email1 with other Zoho services.